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How To Design & Build Centrifugal Fans For the Home Shop


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I received the following from Scott Pekrul. . .

Dear Vince,

I thought you might like to see the mill I built. I have bought many of your books.

The knee is made up of five castings plus one casting of the cross-slide, two castings for the cross-feed screw, one casting for the head-stock to hold the spindle assembly.

With out your books I would not have tried this project. In the future I would like to mount the spindle on a dovetail to move it up and down. But for now, I am building the Atkinson Differential engine and having fun.


Specifications. . .

• Spindle Speed: 20 - 5,000 RPM
• Longitudinal travel (Y): 17-1/4
• Saddle cross travel: (X): 5-3/8
• Knee travel (Z): 17-1/2
• Spindle taper: R-8
• Spindle to column: Min. 3-7/8 to Max. 7-3/4
• Spindle to table: 0 to 17-1/2
• Lower spindle bearing: 1-3/8" taper roller
• Upper spindle bearing: 1-1/8" taper roller
• Pre load adjustment: Located under pulley
• Spindle tilt: (R. H. 90°) (L. H. 90°)
• Table has two “T” slots for 3/8" bolts
• Column is 4" x 6" x 1/4" angle iron
• Column legs: 3" x 3" x 1/4" angle iron
• Machine height less cabinet is 47"

Pekrul Mill                               Pekrul Mill