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Power Hacksaw

Kirk Chuckran sent me photos of the power hacksaw he built based on plans from our book. I think you will agree he has done a great job. Since Kirk has a foundry he was able to cast many of the parts.

He writes the following about his saw. . .

There are 13 total castings, and no welds. The slides are cast aluminum. The two halves on one side have a bronze rack from an old load bar cut into four pieces and imbedded in the castings. On the other side there are four 1/2" bronze plugs fine threaded and screwed in on each casting. The handle is from an old frying pan, the arm support is an old industrial mop handle, the motor is from an old cylinder honing machine I found in the dumpster, the big pulley is from a discarded washing machineand the small one is from an old AB Dick  printing machine. The mahogany top is from a copier pallet and the brackets for the vise hold downs as well as the angle iron for the uprights are brackets to hold copiers to pallets. The only parts I purchased are the clip for the clevis pin, the blade, the steel for the arm, the on/off switch, the 90 degree angle for the flex conduit, the two small pulleys, and the countershaft to crankshaft belt.


Hacksaw patterns

Patterns from left to right. . .

The clevis pattern, the slide patterns, the visebase pattern, the vise jaw pattern and at top center the handle is the handle pattern for the vise.

hacksaw side view