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John Smelser sent us these pictures of the slip roll machine he built along with these comments. One of the photos show items he made in his shop.

Dear Mr. Gingery,

Enclosed find pictures of the Slip Roll Machine that I had just completed. I have been working on it for approximately six months.

I made a few things different. First off, rolls are 36" long, made from 2" drill stem that I had plenty of; 2" diameter, 1/4" wall thickness. I used 2" CRS shafting for ends, set in tubing 2" and rosette welded. I then chucked in the lathe and turned ends down 3/4" and center drilled them. Later I turned them down to 2" from end to end to make them true. I found a piece of 5" H beam for the bed. Put legs on it out of 1-1/2" unistrut tubing that I found in scrap piles. Fastened to 3H square tubing and took 2 swivel and 2 straight casters on and spread a bar from end to end to keep them from spreading.

End brackets are bolted to the bed with 1/2" bolts. End brackets, I made from your drawings to all dimensions to close tolerance. End brackets are 1" HRS cut all slots out with 1-1/4" end mill; made bushing rolls out of 1" x 1-1/4" HRS, bored and bushed them with 1" x 3/4" bronze bushings for a 3/4" shaft. I had gotten the sprockets from a farm supply house. Handle is 3/4" and 1/2" pipe, 10-1/2" long, just right.

I made the two feed rolls the same height as the work bench, so metal comes straight into the machine.

Everything works great and does a beautiful job. I am real pleased with the way it turned out. The machine is now being used in a shop.


John Smelser

Thank you John for sharing the photos of your project! Vince 

Details on the book "How to Build a Slip Roll Machine"

Smelser Slip Roll         Smelser Slip Roll

Smelser Slip Roll         Smelser Slip Roll

Smelser Slip Roll         Smelser Slip Roll